On March 23, 2017 we received an appraisal award in the amount of $593,723.56. In this case, the insurer attempted to settle our client’s claim in the amount of $17,995.02. When the client would not agree to the settlement, he demanded appraisal. The issue in this case is that when he demanded the appraisal his insurer refused to place the entire claim into the appraisal process, attempting to limit the scope of the appraisal. The insurer wished to appraise only one half of his roof and attempted to limit the appraisal of the chosen one half of the roof to the question of whether or not the client was entitled to a new roof coating regardless of whether or not the client required an entire roofing system. David J. Furtado file a Motion to Compel Appraisal with the Arapahoe County District Court and prevailed on Summary Judgment in this matter. The outcome of the summary judgment was that the court held that the insurer could not limit the scope of the appraisal and that it was the appraisers’ duty to determine scope and causation in calculating the amount of loss to the building due to the hail storm.

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